Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ahh, the "TO DO" list

Well, it is Thursday of Spring Break and I find myself wondering "Where did the week go?"  I had all these grand plans of fun activities to do with the kids, and I haven't done any of them.  We did take the older 3 to see October Baby on Tuesday evening.  We dropped the youngest two at my mom's (THANKS, MOM!) and ventured over to Rico's World Kitchen....afterall, KIDS EAT FREE on Tuesday.  Some of the yummiest nibbling I've done in a while, and their sangria was divine!
The movie was good; a tear jerker for sure--take a hankie or two...or a whole box.
Now, I'm faced with 3 days to squeeze in a week's worth of fun, purchase Easter outfits, stock up on groceries for the next week and continue to whittle down my laundry pile-- fun times!
Wish me luck. :o)

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  1. Ha - I totally relate to this post! (See mine entitled "Easter Pizza") I did taxes on Tues/Wed; had dr appt Thursday; TRIED to find Easter dresses on Friday ... then had a thermonuclear meltdown long about Saturday. We really do pile too many expectations onto Spring Break. And summer ... think we'll ever learn our lesson? ;-)