Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OGC- in action

Oh, my....not sure I'm so good at this blogging business.  I had grand plans of trying to do a post everyday, and of course, found quickly that THAT was a bit overindulgent!  So, now, one day shy of a month between posts, here I sit to write.  ABOUT WHAT??!!
My mind is a bit cluttered with sounds of violin practice in the room next to me, a train track being assembled by the two youngest yunguns-- trying their best to get along, but not quite hitting the mark, (the train is battery powered and makes "real live train noises"), and a crying 7 year old.  All that to say, I couldn't even think!  I had a "to do" item for work that I intended to do when I got home this afternoon, and among all the glorious cacophony, I couldn't remember, nor clear my head enough to recall what it was I intended to do.  {THANKFUL FOR QUICK TEXT REPLIES}
Now, a couple hours later, 3 youngest upstairs playing, eldest cleaning up the kitchen {bless his heart!} and hubby and eldest daughter at violin practice, I have a moment to sit and compose....although the big THUD I just witnessed coming from upstairs CAN. NOT. BE. GOOD.....wait for it......no crying- SHEW! I may continue.
So, I'm finding it hard to come up with stuff to write, because frankly, I am a people pleaser and I don't want to offend anyone or leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings.  Lord help me!  What do I write about?
Then, it hits me....uuummmm, this is MY blog and I can write about whatever I feel like typing out at the moment....so please bear with me, and know that opinions are like belly buttons-- everybody's got one! and just because I express mine, doesn't mean that I don't agree with yours, or yours is wrong or I am mad at you, etc.  We are all grown-ups right?.....well, for the most part.  I read a quote recently that said "my opinions are solely my own," and I hold tight to that philosophy with this blog.
Well, so much for the quiet....now I have 2 running laps around the downstairs yelling and trying to scare and roar at each other, one on the piano playing her own version of AMAZING GRACE, and the eldest is STILL cleaning the kitchen with earbuds firmly placed deep in his ears to block out any of this glorious cacophony!


  1. You can write whatever you wish my dear! The great thing about writing is that if someone's offended they can quickly stop reading! Also, I need something good to read and reading something from you would always be good :) Love you!

    1. thanks, KK- I'm gonna come up with some really good stuff- just for you! :o)