Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer is HERE!

So, it has begun- the "lazy" days of summer....although, there isn't one sign of "lazy" around here-- unless you account for the disarray of our home.  I saw a quote that said "Please excuse the mess, BUT we live here." And another I know we've ALL seen, "Cleaning the house with kids is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing!"
I know you can't chalk EVERYTHING up to that reasoning, however, I have recently (it's been evolving since #4 joined our world) adopted those quotes as my "get out of jail FREE" card that I keep in my back pocket.
We have a chore list with each child being assigned a certain duty, 
This has been the schedule for a while-- may need to rethink it.
and I'm constantly looking for new ideas and incentives to keep the children engaged and willing.
The latest incentive was Daddy was gone to the ACCS conference in Dallas for a few days, so I encouraged them to help me get the "living" area of the house in tip-top shape for his return.  They did (mostly happily hearted), and the gasp of surprise and awe from Daddy brought a huge smile to everyone's face.  SUCCESS!
So, that worked...this time.  But what about tomorrow?  or the next day?
What are some of your ideas to get kids engaged and keeping up with their chores?


  1. Nice!! A couple of years ago, I came across something called, and it is pretty fantastic! I bought it for $8, but, I save the pdf file and reuse it every year. It is a list of everything that could possibly need to be done in your house. ever. All broken down into 4 or 5 (perfect!?) daily steps. There are daily things that have to be be done (wipe out the sinks, wash dishes, empty the garbage, laundry, etc) and then other stuff: dusting, vacuuming, sweeping of decks and porches, cleaning of refrigerators, etc. I usually have each of the kids choose 2 chores from that list for the day. It works pretty well, I think. But, my house isn't that clean so you have to take that into consideration. LOL!

    1. I have heard of that before. Does sound perfect for us with number of to dos for each day! I think I remover you can get the previous year at half off too. But that may be near the end of the year and I need something NOW! :-). Thanks for your comment!