Monday, June 11, 2012


Ok, so I think I am a glutton, not punishment....TORTURE!  That's right...I'm going to outline my last few weeks:
May 25: eldest daughters b'day, last day of school.  Start finishing up yearbook design.  Planning on doing a garage sale the next Sat.
May 26: finish moving the final items from old house to new house- a 6 month experience that is finally over.  Still working on yearbook, still planning that garage sale.
May 27: church and family time (I think- hard to remember that far back- HA!) separated some stuff out for the garage sale, did some laundry, and worked on yearbook some more.
May 28: Memorial Day- 5K run (about killed myself due to not training enough) more organizing and separating for the garage sale and yearbook- it is due tomorrow!
May 29: Swim Team practice starts: I have 4 kids on the team- there are 3 practice times; I have 1 in the first, 1 in the second and 2 in the third...although the youngest Monjure swim teamer isn't really swimming yet and causing me all kinds of angst.
May 30: Close on the house we lived in for 8 years, brought 3 babies home to, and made countless memories in. :o(
May 31: More Swim Team practice, VBS meeting at lunch time, Swim Meet that night- but my kids didn't get to swim due to my unorganized self-- FUNNY STORY (not really): I had to turn in copies of their Birth Certificate in order for them to swim.  I had known about this for a while, but after trying to order them online and realizing that at $84 each (I needed 4) that I would just go to the Vital Records office and get them.  I did that the Wed. before school got out, however, needed to get my eldests certificate from the old house.  Time passed, bla, bla, bla, the deadline came and went.  So my kids didn't get to swim in their first swim meet EVER because I didn't get their certs turned in on time.  And you know what the kicker is???  When I went to put the original Birth Certs in our fireproof safe....I ALREADY HAD A COPY OF THEM!!!!!  UGH- @ $25 each, that is $100 I'll never get back!  OH YEAH- the garage sale- SHOOT!
June 1: Swim Team donut celebration and "play time".  Scoot home to fix lunch and then head over to the school to make copies and mail report cards.  TOTALLY forgot about watching my BFF's kids while she goes to an appt.  SHOOT!!!  Forget the garage ain't happenin' this week!
June 2: Finally a day to relax- NOPE!  Can't get my van in the garage, so MUST GET GARAGE SALE STUFF READY!
June 3: Church and then to the park for our Church Picnic.  Home to rest (HA).
June 4: ST practice, getting ready for the school Consignment Sale....and the garage sale.
June 5: ST practice, getting ready for the school Consignment Slae....and the garage sale.
June 6: My youngest turned 3!!!  WHAT??!!  How did THAT happen?  There couldn't have been a worse day to have a b'day....with such a distracted mommy..UGH!  between ST practice, consignment sale prep, Abigail's violin lesson, getting Ethan to Youth, my worship team rehearsal- SIGH!  At least big sister made him a "dinohoar train cake".
June 7: ST practice, set up for consignment sale, kids first EVER swim meet
June 8: ST donut celebration, consignment sale, clean up of consignment sale, get tables for garage sale, home to set up for garage sale, out to dinner for Nate's belated b'day, over to Nana's for ice cream sundaes.
June 9: GARAGE SALE!!!  Thank goodness it was worth it! :o)
June 10: Sang at church, lunch at Rico's, memorize VBS skit, etc.
June 11: ST practice, return tables to church, make dinner for sweet friend who just had her 5th, FIRST DAY OF VBS!!!

WHEW- no wonder I don't feel like summer has started yet.  Well, now that the first day of VBS is over, I can relax and enjoy the rest of the week and look forward to the beginning of my summer! :o)
A HUGE SHOUT OUT to EVERYONE who has made these last couple weeks possible: My hubby, my Mom & Dad, Jill, Beka, Keri, Kristi, my kiddos and so many others.
Through this I've learned a couple things: LEARN TO SAY "NO." and LEARN TO ACCEPT HELP!
We shall see if those lessons will stick with me. ;o)

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